October 12, 2011

Today is ...

The subjects which tested today is Physics and Religions.
For physics subject : I hate you more than anything (?) - No! The most hated subjects for me is Chemistry. Not only because of the teacher, but also the material - haaaah! From the 6 questions that my teacher gave us this morning, I could answer 5 of it. I don't know if my answers would be correct, but I hope so. HAHA~ But the reward point for me is ... I didn't took a peak when the mid semester test was going on. That's a small things which could bring a big impacts for our life (realized it or not) -my opinion. Sometimes (it's usually not sometimes) if we did something RIGHT, firstly it would feels hurt. But, behind the pain that we got, there will be a sweetness which tucked inside. Trust your self (?!)

For religions subject : yeeey! The questions was looked alike with the questions that my teacher gave us on the daily test which held before the the mid semester test implemented. That's why I could answer it well (a bit). Thank you Sir! haha

Bahasa Indonesia version :

Buat fisika : ELO - GUE - END! = anjeun - kuring - enggeusan! = ihr - ich - ende!
Ngeliat soalnya aja udah bikin otak guling-guling dikepala. Gimana ngerjainnya?! Ditinggal tidur deh sama gua kalau bisa mah. hahaha #khayalan. Kok bisa sih orang sepintar dan sejenius kalian ngerjain soal yang susah? Saya aja nggak bisa!? -memaksakan kehendak = nyolot. Gimana nggak nyolot! Semua yang ada disoal itu, pernah gua kerjain waktu latihan dikelas dan alhasil, gua nyantai aja diem (nggak bisa maksudnya). Give up deh gua sama fisika. Apalagi sama si KIMI (panggilan akrab KIMIa) nggak punya niat buat berhubungan dekat sama dia. aaah~

Buat Pendidikan Agama Islam : Thank you Allah SWT it was like a blessing for me. Thank you Sir for gave us a questions which alike with our daily test. Thank you all (?) Makasih bangeeeed ya, buat yang satu ini. Yang kali ini sih gua yakin nggak diremedial -Amin ....

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