October 09, 2011

Mid Semester

Tomorrow is the day! #alay banget deh~
The Mid Semester Test was in front of my face. But I haven't study either about the subjects which would test tomorrow. Aaaah~ I'm lazy in the holiday especially Friday.
I planned for studying hard this morning, but the result is sleeping in the middle of my study. When I woke up (at 1pm) I forgot that my mother told me to kept watching her gas stove because she was boiled something in it. Then, I jumped off from my bed and see if it's okay, or ... burnt ?! And ... the result is ... the gas stove was off. Huuuuh~ I'm safe.

All the day, I just learn about Biology.
You must know that tomorrow, I will take many test (both in the morning and in the afternoon). Such as : Biology test and English test at school then, Academic Potential Test, Basic Math, English and Indonesian at course. Waaaah~ It's a bunch of works, right?!

It means, I should ends my story here and see you tomorrow ...

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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