April 30, 2014

and the end. . .


today is the last day of April.
since several days ago, I started to forget anything about you.
start from the tiny things.
but, it just came so hard if we bumped each others once and the feelings about you is risen up like the first time that we met. huuuh. why it can be so hard to forget about you when it's easy to fall in 'love' with you. I know this feeling is one sided love, so I must not expecting something which not even real.
you're like a fairy-tale character on my life. once I woke up from the bed, I know that it was just an illusion that I made to make my life has an interesting story like others. 

ibarat anak-anak remaja jaman sekarang,

"gue lagi galau."

dan yang bikin ngenesnya lagi adalah kenyataan bahwa kita tidak saling kenal.
/ silence : ˈsʌɪləns /


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