June 22, 2012

my grandfather . . .

Okay friends, these story about my grandfather who ever lost in his short-trip to one of famous provinces in Indonesia last week. Actually, he didn't plan it at all, but after arrived in Jepara to accompanied my 'another' grandfather to bury the 'another' grandfather's wife corpse, he were decided to visiting his hometown, Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is a nice village-town in Indonesia.
The airs was really good for you in the morning till the sun sets.
That's why I love Yogyakarta *more than my own hometown. hehe

The day after he burried his-law's wife, he directly went to Yogyakarta using public transportation alone. His ages was 82 years old this year but he loves to go every where by himself. That's my grandfather.

Firstly, the whole family had lost contact with him.
And the next day, my 'big' families possible to contact him after 2days and 1night we lost him. He didn't told my 'big' families about his planning to Yogyakarta. After he arrives in Yogyakarta, he called us and asked us what kind of souvenir that we wanted. And I replied : "Monggo Chocolate !"
Monggo Chocolate is the finest local chocolate in Indonesia. Hmm~
Their dark chocolate bar is the best chocolate ever . . . ! *for me

Here the souvenir which he bought for me :

Tada! Caramel Chocolate bar~

 And it was the last. A small dozen of small pieces of chocolate bar.

 Here the things which filled deep inside the box.

 Petruk - Gareng - Bagong - Semar were the character that they used for the cover of their packaging. It was the name of Wayang character in Indonesia.

Then the shocking new came when he want to return to Bogor.
The whole family thought that he was using bus or travel agency but . . he was using airplane. So that we couldn't contact him again when he was in the airplane. aaaaah~
It made the whole family was really worried with him when he walks alone outside.
But he returned home safely~

Have a nice day !
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