July 02, 2012

my early July

Ok, ok, ok. . . .
So far I had been watched bunch of movies or dramas to filled my holiday which I don't know when it suppose to be ended. Most of my days filled by watching, sleeping, praying, drawing and . . . dreaming.

Today, as my first post of July edition, I would like to tell you about myself long ago.
Long ago (or it's about 2weeks ago) I got shock when I knew something which made me ruin my face and my heart by crying all night long and couldn't sleep even I has a sleep pill on my stomach. Both my eyes couldn't be closed directly before I force them to be closed. I'm still awaken about 3hours with my closed eyes. And I'm feeling like a kids who ever felt how bad to be a child who born in the broken family. But, those feelings  . . . . I had tried to throw it as far as possible. So, those thing wouldn't disturbing me for twice.

Hmmm . . .,
Talked about July, lot of things will be happened in the near future.
And . . . in the morning, when I'm finish prayed in the morning, I was directly grab my sketch book and draw something inside. It's my newest picture.

It was my drawing. Hhehe . . . even though it was not as good as the pro, but I like it.
for better picture, I'll ost it later.

Started from yesterday, I have searching through the browser about this Japanese movie.
My closed friends who told me to watch it.
The title is Patisserie Coin de rue.

The picture above, it was the official poster from the movie which I talked about.
From the beginning it was really delicious. Hehe. I gave for this movie.

4 pictures above, I took it because the dessert looks really awesome and .  .  . I'm really wants to try it 'if' the cake shop is real. Want to try it. Really. Haaaah~ *just imagine it.

You know?! That girl above was born at 1985 - Aoi Yu.
I thought she was born in the 1990's era. Aaaah~ her face has deceive me. Hehehe

Nah, it was the ending picture that I took.
Its ending : Natsume goes to New York to study more about patisserie and Tomura reunited with his wife *spoiler. To know more about the movie, click here and to watch it, click there.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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