January 10, 2012

say it bad luck?

Iiii . . .
Started from yesterday, I got lots of unlucky things both in school and home.
I hate my yesterday more than the subjects that I learned yesterday. Did you know?! -I knew that you don't even know about my day. because we were in the different country and island, isn't it?!- Yesterday morning when I ate my breakfast in the classroom (and my friend just watching me eaten whole of my lunch box) and before the flag ceremony held, unfortunately I dropped my drink bottle which I brought from home with the hot-cold water inside (!?). My table and chair getting wet in that time and my friends just watching me from 1 table in front of my table. And kept saying : "Utha . . . come on! let's go to hall." di dalem hati gua, gua ngarepin banget mereka bantuin gua. Tapi nyatanya?! NOPE. uaaa . . sedih abis, cuy. Finally, most of my classmates only passed me away and kept walking into the school's hall. I wished I could have gotten a help from my friends.

So, my decision that time is leave it now and clean it after the flag ceremony ended.
Keputusan yang baik, bukan?
Salah satu temen gua nyaranin agar gua minjem lap pel ke bapak penjaga sekolah, tapi gua nggak mau merepotkan mereka dengan tragedi tumpahnya air minum gua. Untungnya, gua cuma bawa air bening doang. Coba kalau gua bawa air putih (susu), air kotor (bajigur), air manis (teh) atau air liur (?) kan bisa berabe. Nanti Bapaknya bisa ngomelin gua dan gua akan diliatin sama temen sekelas. Alhasil, mereka ngomongin gua, dan . . . END.

And let's move to my unlucky day which happened yesterday.
After the flag ceremony ended, one of my friend scared me with : "Utha . . . your shoulders had a circle in the top sides. Like this one. . " -she showed me which part of my shoulders. Ini merupakan unlucky things ke-3 gua. And . . . before the teacher attended to the classroom, I decided to clean it up as quickly as I can and . . foala! In that time my uniform gotten wet instantly (read : SEDIH).

My fourth unlucky things is . . . I couldn't sleep at My Grandparent's house.
The reason is . . my cousin has visited my Grandparent's house too yesterday and he asked me to play around with him and it meant that I should kept my eyes ON. hmmm . . ~ but a weird things happened on yesterday! I lost my appetite once more! ahahaha! That's why My Grandma never forgot to reminds me to get my lunch there. hehehe

The fifth one is no other than My Big Brother.
When I arrived home, changed my uniform, and I went to the kitchen immediately after I smell something which came from my kitchen. Terus gua cuma ngeliatin kakak gua dan seonggok telur yang sudah tergoreng dengan warna cantik (cantik menurut para presenter TV yang demennya liatin masakkan ke WNI). Kakak gua nggak lama bilang : "Awas de, minyaknya panas." Terus ngelanjutin naro wajan dideket tangan gua. Setelah itu, dia bilang lagi : "Ta, awas geura! Gua teh belum tidur!" -HAAAAH ! !- yang satu ini, kalian mesti garis bawahi. Orang mah, kalau belum tidur ya pasti bakal langsung tidur! Tapi kakak gua (!?) dia bilang belum tidur, tapi aksi yang dia lakukan adalah makan. Yaaa . . ,gua jawab aja : "Terus, salah Utha?!" -nggak ngerti deh sama Kakak gua. Ya kalau marah, bilang aja marah. Ya kalau laper, bilang aja laper. Jangan makan sama laper dijadiin satu kesatuan! Udah jelas beda!

MY last unlucky things is my dad got angry after arrives home.
Ayah gua marah sama gua. Kenapa?
Yang dimana bentar lagi UN dan SNMPTN udah di depan mata, tapi gua nggak kunjung megang buku pelajaran, malah megang laptop. Hmmm . . . ~
Hampura atuh, ayah. . . .

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Have a nice day!
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