January 16, 2011

Sunday ckck~

This Sunday is like usual.
Nothing special happen, just like a flowing water.
Started from 8.30am I tidy up by bedroom and it ended at 11.00am.
Today I had appointment with Rizki and Diana (again) in Botani Square Bogor (again) hehe
We meet because we did our homework and presentation (actually the presentation is for Rizki and Diana. because they got number 3 and appearing in next Wednesday. And I'll presentation in 2 weeks later)
My material is about disorders and diseases of respiratory system.
waaa. . . nervous, huh?!

We met at 2pm in Botani Square Bogor.
Then we direct our homework immediately.
Before we went to Taman Koleksi (English : Collection Garden) we bought Breadtalk first for our snack.
I bought 'Pay 1 for 2' which price IDR 10.000.
Rizki bought Butter Sugar with the price IDR 6.000.
And Diana bought Golden Rabbit and Bank of Chocolate with the price IDR 6.000 for each bread. We took some pictures there :

left-right : Me - Rizki

The weather is nice in the afternoon. so we didn't feel too HOT~

Have a nice days
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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