January 29, 2011

Saturday is like usual

walah. . . , today is unwordable [I can't describe it with a words]
at school, we got physics test today [without announcement yet]
I'm not study physics last night. but I kept 'Googeling' hehe
and I got the result today. Maybe I'll got 50 or 40 or 30 or 20 or 10 even 0.
please it shouldn't happen to me. please let me passed this test. uaaa. . .~

I met him twice a day [like drunk a medicine]
and it feels like. . . I fell into the wonderful land which I don't know where is it.
because it felt so [gorgeous] waaaah, LOVE it
firstly I saw him in front of his class and secondly I met him in teacher room
waaaaaw, please let me be the one of his special friends. hehehe *ngarep
but, now. I thought it would be better that I'm not be the one of his special friends. it's impossible to me to reached it now

:: suddenly gave up ::

He's older than me [just a year]
I like him since 2009 [when I'm in the first year at school]

oh ya!
today I spent my day with Rizki and Diana.
we went to Bogor Junction to eat Ramen in Daiji Ramen.
Here my Ramen :

I ordered Original Daiji Ramen (it meant this Ramen not adding any topping in the top. just like it)
The prices is IDR 24.000 (without taxes)

And here some of our picture :
the first picture is : (left-right) Rizki and Diana. The second picture is Me

Have a nice day (weekend)
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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