January 12, 2011

New Semester, New Spirit

today my classmate is really funny.
They made a parody drama at class (in the middle of study time. because the teacher not attending to class today). It makes my stomach (little bit) hurt and I want to...(pee)... after laughing so long. kikkik

And I really like this situation, because it made us feel so close each others.
This month is a New Semester for us, so we must doing a better things to got a good score then. I believe that my class will be batter for this new semester.

I'm not meet him today.
but I met another man in school. HAHAHA
we're so close (I mean he's next to me when I'm in canteen) kikikik
and I met him (for another 'another man') in the Mosque (when I want to take a pray)

Have a nice days ♥
and Thanks for visiting my Blog

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