November 12, 2010

today's report

today is like. . another day.
full of imagination, dreaming, laughing, and . . sleeping (not synchron) 
sometimes, I'm feel so boring with my life.
I DO the same thing for a week and next week and so on.
it just the same. nothing changed at all.
I want someone that could change my life to being wonderful, colorful and unpredictable.
oh ya! today, after school time offer I bought a small bread it called "Roti Unyil" from VENUS BAKERY and it's only in Bogor-Indonesia. my favorite flavor are . .

My first favorite flavor is milky corn. the taste is GREAT and 100% make you want eat and eat and eat it again. ehehe, try it! and My second favorite flavor is chocolate cheese. the taste is YUMMY! My third favorite flavor is chocolate. it's nice and have a SWEETtaste (absolutely!)

oh ya!
this afternoon Indri came to my house. We talked about our holiday plan. but Novi can't attend today. because it just happened suddenly and we thought she's busy with her regeneration at her school. ehehe. so I just talked it with Indri. She stayed until 5.30pm.
and it ends with huge consideration. 

and my plan for tomorrow is watching a movie with Indri and Novi (I hope she can attend tomorrow).
we plan to watch : MEGAMIND
finally I found someone who wants to watch Megamind movie with me. hohoho
Time : 2pm
Place : Ekalokasari Plaza


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