November 16, 2010

Private Eye

today I do fasting again to complete my first fasting. ehe

today, my friends and I tried to find what's the kind of drama that we will present next week and I want to make a funny drama, not a romantic drama (it's old way and make us looked so-so). but there's a student in my class and ** said *** the one who enthused by my another classmate. because ** said my another friend classmate had a bad story and ** wanted be the one of my group (and it's impossible. because I can't allow YOU to being the one of my group. so arrogant! did you think that you are the one who can act better than others?! huh! YOU ARE WRONG!).

the picture belongs to :
Cast :
  • Hwang Jeong-min as Hong Jin-ho (Detective)
  • Ryoo Deok-hwan as Kwang-su (Medical student)
  • Eom Ji-won as Soon-deok (Woman Inventor)
  • Yoon Jae Mun as Eok-kwan/Eung-kwan
  • Joo Da-yeong as Ok-eeh
  • Kim Hyang-ki as Byeol-eeh
  • Song Jae-ho as Min Chi-seong
  • Kim Eung-soo as Yoshioka
  • Oh Tae-kyeong as Min Su-hyeon
  • Eom Hyo-seob as Official Murata
  • Kwon Tae-won as Police bureau director

Synopsis :
Seoul, 1910. HONG Jin-ho, who will become Joseon’s first detective, travels around solving trivial family disputes for pocket money as a private detective. However, he is determined to go to America someday and is saving up for the trip. Then one night, Gwang-soo, a medical physician in training, discovers a corpse in the woods and secretly takes it to practice dissecting. But the corpse turns out to be the son of Seoul’s most powerful man. While planning to flee in the middle of the night and afraid of murder accusations, Gwang-soo meets Jin-ho, and asks him to find the killer. When another corpse turns up in the woods, murdered in the same way as the first victim, Jin-ho and Gwang-soo use a piece of cloth they find in the victim’s hand as the lead they need to bring them one step closer to the real killer.

try to watch this movie. because this movie included with comedy drama. so FUNNY.


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