February 26, 2011

Saturday like Sunday

waaaaw, today My Pageviewers up to 2.000
kikikik, Unbelievable. . .

mmm, my schedule today is hang out or just window shopping.
I'm very sad and a bit disappoint with my school holiday.
Why, Why, Why?
Because, I had a reason which support my statements. . .
  • I became a Ruminant started from Yesterday (Friday)
  • My weight! It's gained 2kgs in a day (??)
  • Something happened with my eyes but I don't know it and why
  • I couldn't meet you or just see you
Today I spent my day by went to Botani and accompanied my mother to the Supermarket.
In the Botani, I bought a key chains and a stickers. And look like :

And after I arrived home, my mother asked me to accompanied her to Ngesti Supermarket. So, I accepted it. Arrived at Ngesti, I really confused -> to chose what kind of snacks that I want to buy.
Then it ends on :

In front of the Ngesti Supermarket, there's a man who standing with his wares, and I said to mom "Mom wait. See?" my mother reply "Want it?" I said "OF COURSE!"
Then my mother bought it for me.

It's Granny's hair (name of these snacks)
Maybe it comes from the fill of it. It looks like hair
The prices IDR 5.000/ bag -included 5pcs of Granny's hair

Have a nice day
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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