February 15, 2011


Today is my rest day (?)
I just spent my day at home and sleep all the day.
In the morning, my BIG brother asked me to play MONOPOLY because the light is off and I accepted it. We played more less 45minuets and I was earn money $300.000 haha
With the first assets $150.000/ player, I earned much money. haha
My BIG brother's money it just $100.000 because he always payed a rent money if he stand his soldier in my land. kikikik

I had this MONOPOLY since I'm in the 4th Grade

Kikikik, how old is it? so dirty. . .

And today is the saddest day because my father broke my mechanical pencil. But it's my precious pencil. uaaaaaaa, tomorrow I must go to Gramedia for buy a new mechanical pencil.

uaaa, it's my 3rd pencil that I've broke it 3 times in a year before. iiii, I promised to keep it up.
but, the fate is the fate. it's broke = just accept the reality.
Good bye my precious mechanical pencil. . . 

Oh ya!
My friend : Iki send me a message today. She said "Don't forget to wear pink bag tomorrow."
I reply : "Oh ya [?!] Unlucky! Don't forget you too, Iki."
Ih, how it can be? how she still remember it?
actually I was forget it and she remind me again [today]
Just see what will happen if I wear a pink bag to school. hahaha

Have a nice day
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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