February 12, 2011

Febby's DAY

Today is Febby's Birthday [so, she can get a citizen license soon]
emmm [sebenernya gue ngga tau apa yang mau gue tulis disini. kikikik]
okay lah~
Started from school.
First subject for today is Indonesian Language -> Make a proposal
Second subject is Computer -> went to computer lab and do the task
Third subject is Physics -> do a task and it's pretty difficult for me
because it's Saturday - Weekend, so the school ended early. At 12.20pm

Actually Rizki and I was make a plan for today, that's "go to Gramedia Bookstore and saw the book prices" but, because Rizki and I had another appointment, so we canceled it and go to our own event. Rizki with another person and I with Kristal and Febby. yeeey!

Happy Birthday Febby,
Happy Birthday Febby,
Happy Birthday to Febby,
Happy Birthday Febby. . . 

I hope you'll be better these year, be the smartest, more money adding to your wallet, and be more 'Solehah'. Amin. . .
And Thanks for your treat today. hehehe

Febby treat us a Ramen! it's Miso Ramen from Daiji Ramen with prices IDR 18.000

and before we ate Ramen, we choose to took a photo first and the result is like :
it's too bad. I want to repeat it again, please. . .

For someone in the far away land :
I thought it would be better if I lose my feel to you.
because this pain is too strong to patch much smile that you've gave me before.
Thanks for keep smiling if I saw you. Thank you!

Have a nice Weekends
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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