December 24, 2011


Okay, today is the day for report books are given.
But . . . I'm not satisfied at all.
And the result was really bad. Bad enough for me who studied for 3 years in Senior High School.
It was like an Indonesian phrase : "Bagai dientakkan alu luncung" that was my true feelings right now (since the early morning when the times of report book was given). Most of peoples who I didn't predict about their rank, the could possibly right on the top of me in the rank in class. I hate it really.

On the deepest of my heart, I asked myself about doing cheating while the exams held.
But I couldn't. Its similar with exercises time than exams time.
And . . . whether I need to cheat on the exam? It was the first question on my head which came out suddenly when I got my report on my hands.

And for the sentence : "So far, so good~" I don't get it now.
Bener deh, gua hari ini kecewa banget sama diri gua sendiri.
Not included on the TOP 10 in the rank was nothing for my families. Nothing that I could proud of and I was really disappointed to myself. My mother told me not too close to many friends that I have and don't be too kind to them. Because you would regret it someday. -kalimat yang satu ini nih yang ngena di otak gua pagi ini waktu makan ketoprak deket sekolah. Mumbling in my way to Supermarket, I set on my face kept sullen, and my aura was totally worse.

Dan berkat peringkat gua yang sama sekali tidak memuaskan batin orang tua gua, gua nggak bersifat pesimis dalam hal ini. It is true if I mad to myself. Tapi gua akan membuktikan bahwa gua bisa! Bisa bersekolah di Universitas yang gua mau. Itu tujuan gua kali ini. The rank was not a thing which I concerned for today, but I need a miracle just once which came into my life someday.

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