December 04, 2011


Okay, today I visit University of Indonesia with my closest friends (just call them : Kristal and Febby). We're in the different schools but we're still connected with cellular (read : messages). We went there at 7.15am using a train and sat in the woman corridor (it means, the corridor is only for a woman and their babies -no boys) but there still a corridor which the chair was combining between womans and boys. The prices of ticket is IDR 7.000 -quite cheap isn't it?

Ah! About the entrance ticket, my friend (call her Kristal) already bought it a weeks ago using internet, but we must print it as our ticket. Because they didn't send any kind of tickets to our house, that's why we must printed it as our entrance sign. And also we must brought our identity card inside our wallet! The purpose is to convince them that the ticket which we hold is ours. Oh ya! I'm almost forgot! The ticket price is IDR 25.000 for Sunday only and IDR 30.000 for Saturday and Sunday.

Di Kereta, gua, is sama febby duduk di gerbong khusus wanita. Sepi . . banget! *pas pagi
Terus kalau berhenti di setiap stasiun, orang-orang pada berebut tempat duduk! Ini merupakan fenomena yang jarang banget gua temui. Tapi mungkin buat temen-temen sekolah gua, ini udah biasa. Berebut tempat duduk itu serasa lagi bermain tau nggak sih?! (bagi yang sadar apa yang gua maksud). Gua, bingung banget mau ngapain didalem kereta. Secara, Kristal dan Febby prepare banget buat ulangan besok. Nah gua?! Gua mah diem . . ,aja. I only seeing the views outside the trains when Kristal and Febby were studied. Tuh kan!? Gimana gua mau jadi murid yang pinter?! Diem aja gua kayak patung. Berhubung gua nggak pernah naik Kereta lagi semenjak 2 tahun terakhir ini, dan nggak pernah ke UI- Depok semenjak 10 tahun terakhir, akhirnya Febby yang jadi 'tour guide' gua sama is. Ternyata, Kampus UI deket banget sama Rel Kereta Api yang di Pocin (Pondok Cina). Tinggal jalan kaki sebentar aja, udah nyampe. Gua sama Kristal sampai terkagum-kagum karena keahlian Febby menemukan Kampus UI untuk kami (?! -apasih)

Nyampe Kampus UI, gua , is sama febby langsung ke Gedung Utamanya a.k.a Balairung UI.
Udah rameeeeee, aja. Terus gua ngeliat temen gua dari kejauhan dan berkata, "Oh, ternyata temen sekolah gua juga ada dan udah pada nyampe toh dari tadi~" Terus kita dapet Faculty Map gitu di bagian registrasi. Lucu banget deh!

This is the faculty maps that I talked about.
Their motto for this event is "SHOOT YOUR AIM!"

In there, I saw my big brother's old friend called Agung Pamungkas. He as the one of guest star (maybe). He's voice was GREAT! I don't know firstly, but when I saw his face deeply (?) I realized that he's the one of big brother's friend. Actually, he's my neighbor school's friend. But my neighbor introduced him to my big brother and another friends who lived in my house areas. And not long after it, I my neighbor introduced him to me. That's the stories behind our first meeting in long-long-long time ago. I knew that maybe he wasn't recognize me at all. After he sang 3kinds of songs, it continued with Question and Answer session with The Rector of University of Indonesia lively and some collegers. Here the photos that I promised to share it to you :

This scene when Agung sang 3 songs non-stop.
His voice is really . . .~ - I can't describe it with a words.

It's the Questions and Answers session

Promptly at 10am, all of booths which made inside the Balairung opened.
All of faculty they served to us as the prospective of new college students. Every booths has their own characteristic and theme exactly. For examples :
  • For The English Faculty, there was a woman who wore dress like a princess and also they put the Liberty Sculpture inside their booth.
  • For The Architect Faculty, they served some mock-up inside their booth and a pillar of Hercules. Did you know? I love their booth! yuhu~
These are some pictures that I took on the Architect booths :
There was a head from one of University's student. Accidentally, when he passed right in front of me, I was taking a picture from those booth.  He passed me by saying : "Sorry. . ."

Here's their mock-ups. Its only a few of mock-ups that they showed this afternoon.

These is the one of my favorite mock-ups which showed there.

*because tomorrow is the day of The 1st Semester Test, I must back to the place that I should be there rightly = Studying for tomorrow. The subject which tested are Indonesian, Religion, and Computer.

Have a nice day!
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