August 10, 2014


finally! we gathered like usual (when the holidays comes -even the short holiday- usually we find a day just to meet up). even though one of our friend couldn't make it, but it's okay. we have done it before, just three of us. yesterday, we decided to meet at Tier Siera Resto and Lounge. it is a new place to gather and newly open, so we just curious. and we met there to get lunch at 1.30pm.

 (left-right: Febby and Kristal)
kita temenan udah lama banget yaaa?! ngga kerasa dari kelas 3SD jadi temen bareng-an terus sampai sekarang. wii . . . berasa tua banget kalau kita udah ngomongin adek-adek kalian yang beranjak dewasa dan tiba-tiba udah ada yang jadi maba *sfx: ziiing~

Spaghetti Carbonara / $4 -per portion (Rp. 42.000,-)

The pairs of table-chairs beside us.
seperti yang biasa dijumpai di tempat-tempat makan, Tier Siera Resto & Lounge mengambil tema Industrial gitu. bisa dilihat dari ceiling yang diexpose, terus dari furniture-furniture dan pajangan-pajangan pendukung didalamnya *bro~

The details of display in the rack.
The book that displayed were medical books. That's why, my friend who took medical faculty wants to have it.

The old phone that Kristal and me admired.

 The rack across us.

sampai jumpa esok hari teman!
*get ready for the next destinations - happy holidays!, and
happy birthday ichaaaa! *the one that couldn't attend today

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