July 06, 2013

what a short holiday (!?)

uaaa . . . .
lot of spammers had been doing 'those kind of short things' to me for this time.
thanks for your spams, huh!? -ngga ada kerjaan lain apa selain spamming?

Last week, I went to Yogyakarta to visit my Grandpa's brothers and sister.
It's kind of short holiday for me as well, because the holiday just been started a week ago. hehehe. In Yogyakarta, I . . . . didn't spend my time to visit many places, because of the times that given by Allah to me is short and . . . in Yogyakarta, there's no relatives that used to be the same age to me. So . . .it's kind of bored and also feeling alone.

The first day in Yogyakarta, I stayed at *Mbah Japar's house (Mbah is Javanese language that refers to Grandpa/ Grandma). He's my grandpa's little brother. We stayed in there for 3 days 2 nights. And for the last day, we stayed in Mbah Supri's house. She's my grandpa's little daughter. In Mbah Japar's house, actually the environment has a beautiful scenery ever! We can see the sun rises and the sun sets. hmm . . . they house wasn't near a beach, but near to the mountain and the International Adi Sutjipto Airport. You also can see the plane clearer than before and how huge it was. Unfortunately, I missed that time. Ngga sempet ngambil gambar sun rise sama sun set-nyaaaaa. Padahal, bagus banget loh pemandangannya. Love~ love~ laaah.

Last day in Yogyakarta is used for . .

It is near from Malioboro Market

my grandfather with his little sister

a bicycle which parked near the gate of Pesanggrahan Taman Sari -Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Inside the Pesanggrahan Taman Sari building

There was an event that held when I visited Yogyakarta. This event located right in the way before we want to reach the Pesanggrahan Taman Sari (after browsing in the internet, I found that the event called FKY 25 constant for Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 25)

have a nice day and thanks for visiting my Blog!
happy holiday!
happy fasting months!

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