June 24, 2013


Finally, I stayed at home for 2-3 months ahead.
Because the final exams has over, so . . . it's time for holiday, fasting periods, complete reading Al-Qur'an (amin ya rabbalallamin), Eid's day, getting money from the seniors, slimming time, meeting up with friends, and . . . .many more. Oh ya!

today is my first day in Bogor, but still I worry about the tasks that have been made by me in the 1st semester. one of my task is made from 'matches', so I just keep thinking about this matter : "what if the matches is burn by the sun light?" ; "what if my room is really in a bad state like my friend did with her matches?!" aaaargh. I hope it just what I'm thinking about, and never happen till I come back to Bandung. amin . . coming back home, reminds me when I was in senior high school. rasanya, suasananya, seperti gua balik lagi ke masa SMA. kangen sama temen-temen SMA. semua temen SMA dari yang kenal, sampai yang ngga kenal sekali-pun (meskipun gua termasuk ke dalam orang-orang yang 'ter-lupakan' dalam buta). somehow, I want to meet up with them in one moment before we continue our study in University.

a piece of macarron in my way to go home and a piece of letter which written by myself for cheering myself to do the homework and all of the assignment that I got from the lecturer.

Bandung and its scenery, also Bogor and its flowers.

happy holidays and keep smiling!
have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog~

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