March 30, 2012

My small happiness

Oh ya~
Because I wasn't possible to watch any movies at cinema from several weeks ago, that's why I searched another way to get my happiness back without going to the cinemas. I have been finished watching a Japanese drama yesterday, and today I'm waiting for another anime/drama/variety show to be watched. And my choices fell into these kind of anime/drama/variety show :

It was a horror anime which I know when I'm hearing the radio on Thursdays.
The radio used for Japanese session at 8pm ~ 10pm meanwhile the time after the Japanese session ends, it turned into the Korean session. They talk about songs, movies, actors/actresses, and sometimes about the country itself. I suggest that you'd better to watch this anime, because the story line is easy to understand and don't watch it if you didn't like to watch a horror movie by yourself. hehe. Dare to watch it? Here the link.

Okay, this Japanese drama titled Strawberry night.
I watched it because I love main actress who played on it and also the story is about detective. Ahaha, I don't know why I loved to watch detective movie nowadays. I just love it anyway~ Wish to watch it or put it on your drama/movie list? Here the link.

It was . . Running Man !
This variety show was extremely attractive and would make you laugh till the middle of nights. Because I had experience it. Every nights when I watch it after the school time offers for a day, I must and absolutely didn't want to miss it once. The reasons why I'd like to watch it just because there were Ji Hyo, Jae Suk and also Kim Jong-Kook. I laughed till I'm accidentally tear my nails off (the left little finger) 2 days ago. And it really was torture me. Want to try the sensation of laugh that I have experienced? Here the link for you~

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