November 01, 2010

find it AGAIN !

I found it again.
it's the receipt from My English courses (when I registered as the one of NEW student there) ahaha it's about 3 years ago. . [long time, isn't it!?]

LOOK! ahahaha Jun16th, 2007. .

when the test is running, I was so-very nervous. because I'm afraid that I'll placed in the based level. uuh~ it's so, sad. . . unyu! but, when I saw the result (a week later) with my mom absolutely, I'm not brave to see the result. which level that I held and in the room?! my mother who saw it first. she said, I'm entry the STEP 2 and I'm shock in that time. so, immediately I pulled the paper result and you know what I see? I'm entry the STEP 3. ahaha (up 1 level) felt so happy (even just a bit).

My first friend when I entry the class is Damar (Wahyu Damar) (she a girl. not a boy) ehhehe
then I have another new friend (because sometimes there's another student who change their schedule and enter my class) like Ines (Inesza Sylviane), and Fadilah (Fadilah Nurarini)
and when I reach up until the end level (because STEP level included 6 level), I'm took the next level (for adults) and I'm entry the Elementary4 (waaw, I never imagine it before. because I thought I'll entry the Elementary1. ehhehe) when I went to upstairs, I saw my old friend. She is Novi. so, I'm being classmate of Novi. iyeey! 。◕‿◕。


I'll continued it tomorrow.
because I felt sleepy. so, bye . . . 

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