October 30, 2010

feel bored

sorry guys, yesterday I can't write my daily activities. because My mom used her laptop (the fact is . . . I used my mother's laptop. ehheehe) oh ya!
tomorrow, I saw him beside my window class, I met him in front of school's Mosque and I felt melting in that time (even it just a second, but it like a year for me) and you know what? I'm really really missed him.
I can't imagine it before. I saw him twice a month (for this month). it can cured my feeling. ahahaha
tomorrow I made my garlic bread by myself. ahaha
the shape is like this one :

the materials to make your own garlic bread are . .
# Bread (you can chose your fav.bread. it's up to you)
# Garlic
# Celery / Parsley (you can chose one of it)
# Butter/ Margarine
how to make it . . First, chop the celery or the parsley. then put butter on the bowl and mix it well with celery / parsley. Then, after you mix the celery and the parsley with butter, you can spread it on the top of the bread. Then, heat the griddle/skillet (without oil), put our bread on to the griddle/skillet. wait until the bread get brown. and it's time to eat . . .
you can try it at home. . .

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