October 28, 2010

okta's birthday party

sorry guys. yesterday I can't wrote my daily activities, because I had many exercise from school -__-" ehehhe. emm! today is Okta's birthday. actually My friend and I try to find any gift for her, but we can't find it (still confused). and we go here - there - here - there, but we didn't get any gift. aduh . . . finally we just make a deal : "just bought a cake for her." and all of us said : "okay." uhh~ why I'm not say it earlier? aaarrgh! so, we're not go home late in the middle of night. ahhaha (8.30pm = it's too night if girls go home in that time). TRUST me

[back to the topic...]

okay, today we plan to go Ekalokasari Plaza after school time ended and we (Me, Rizki and Diana) want to buy a tart for Okta (as surprise). when we arrived there, 30minutes later Okta come and we sang a song for her (absolutely birthday song) then I continued the song, like . . : "let's slice off the cake, let's slice off the cake, let's slice off the cake right now, right now. because I want it, because I want it. . ." my friend said "Uta . . ." suddenly she said "take my picture when I blow out the candles." the result is like this one . . .

here's Okta with her cakes. .
left-right : Me - Rizki - Diana
left-right : Me - Okta - Rizki

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