November 10, 2010

today's report

today my plan is . . eat BAKMI KINGKONG at Ekalokasari Plaza with Natal, Puspa, and Sari.
want repeat it again. .
and what's make me felt happy today is . . . I'm passed in Biology oral test (special for this chapter, my biology teacher choose to make an oral test. so, I learned hardly for this chapter). yeey! felt happy [until now] ahaha

after the school time ended, we gather at Mosque [for took a pray first] then we went to BAKMI KINGKONG. . . we arrived there at 2.30pm and ordered our menu : Bakmi Kingkong. ahaha [sorry, but for this one. because I'm very hungry today, when the noodles came to my table, indirectly I ate it. ehehe. so I didn't take a picture first] the taste is like . .(noodle absolutely!) chicken noodles. oh ya! talk about the price , this noodles valued IDR 15.000 and after we ate all of our noodles, we continued to PHOTO session . . .

ahaha, today  . . . is today.
just happen once in our live. don't ever let it go.
just take it and get the responsibility, and you'll know what's the meaning of 'today'

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