February 01, 2012

WELCOME February!

February is the second months of the year.
In this month, there wouldn't any special day on it except, a celebrating day of The Prophet Muhammad SAW at Feb 5th, 2012. Aaaah! It is Sunday and there would not be any holiday from the School nor the Government. Aaaaah . . .  I need a thing which called HOLIDAY. Please~ I hope that I got the rest time (rest time from the school activities or the other things which related to school). Amin.

In this month my friend who called Febby, celebrate her birthday of 18 years old.
Waaaw . . . such an old ages, ya?! *this year I turned 18 years old too this year.
Her birthday : Feb 12nd. Yaaa . . approximately about 2 weeks ahead.

Today, Bogor is covered with a clouds (fogs).
The weather is awesome too. Bogor haven't be like this before.
That's why I love today. Hahaha
I could got lots of oxygen and water vapor togetherness after I did an inspiration this morning.
Want to see the weather that I described? Here :

A mountain which usually I see in the morning till the evening doesn't showed at all. Because they covered with the fogs. Lots of fog. Hmm~ Bogor was alike with Puncak this morning. Haha

It was not a dust but it was a fogs.
Fogs in the morning could make me a bit happy to start my day. I love rains, fogs, water vapors and something related with water except SEA or OCEAN. I don't know why, because . . I just didn't like it too much.

This picture which I took, located before I get a turn right to reach my school everyday.

Hari ini gua telat nyampe sekolah.
Nggak juga sih sebenernya. Tapi, gimanaaaa gitu.
Disekolah aja rasanya seperti lokasi buat shooting film horror dsb. Kenapa?
Karena, kabutnya nyampe juga ke dalem sekolah gua. Seneng banget. Serasa di dalam cerita dongeng atau serasa berada di abroad gitu. Sekolah yang memang beriklim dingin, gimanaaaaaa . .a . . gitu. Hhahaa. Efek dari dinginnya Bogor hari ini.

I think my school areas was more like an old hospital buildings.
But it was not. My school's building is an old building of the teachers school of sport in Bogor.

I took those picture nearer (in front of) my classroom.
A small garden which sometimes filled with some people or couple in the bottom of it.

Jadwal untuk TO se-Kota Bogor pun udah ada.
Minggu depan sih mulainya. Tapi . . ,deg-degannya udah mulai dari sekarang. Hmmm~
Semangat 45, uthaaaaaaaaaa!! -FIGHTING!

Waaa . .  I must study hard . . !!!

Yesterday, My mother bought me a new small lunch box with a chocolate shape.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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