February 10, 2012

Physic Test

Physic test was driving me mad.
This early morning (7.30am) the sports subject started.
The weather were really fresh added with all of trees which grown at my school's yard.
My school's sports yard usually used for another school too beside us, like an Elementary school. So, which I meant that my school's sport yard was like a public facilities.

Nah, let me tell you about what am I doing this morning in the sports subject :
  1. Running Test. It was my favorite test from the all kind of test which held this morning. I don't know. I just like it right away. The teacher gave us 12 minutes for arrounding the sport's yard and I got 11 laps for it. Hmm . . ~ I knew it was my best ability for sports. Hehe.
  2. The second test held in the sport's hall. Started from Sit Up, Back Up, Push Up, and another types of sport test (I forgot the name). Asked me what I feel? TIRED. That's all. The only word which suits to express my feeling right now. Hmmm . . .~
Lot of experiences of us happened this morning.
I love to see your tired face, smiled face, even your anger face.
The memories between us would be saved on the memory card of my friend's camera forever. Hmmm~ co cwiit. Iya tau! Waktu kita lagi eungap, gara-gara beres lari, PAKETU (Pak' Ketua Kelas) malah asyik ngambilin gambar kita-kita yang lagi membutuhkan oxygen yang banyak. Smabil ketawa pula. Terus, ada juga temen gua yang tiduran di rumput sambil ngarahin mobile phone nya ke arah langit. Emang sih, gua akui, langit hari ini tuh teduh banget untuk dipandang. Itulah! Alasan mengapa kamar gua yang diatas (nanti) akan ada loteng kecilnya. Disitu, gua bisa ngeliat langit sampe puaaaaas~

Have a nice day!
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