November 23, 2011

Last day of TO

Today is the last day of Try Out that I followed at schools.
Okay, I needs a rest now and for a several days ahead *I hope so, but I can't.
I think . . . I could pass this test well. But I don't know for the result is. I hope I get my best scores. Amin . . . And today when the physics test was held, mostly the answer which I answered on the sheet was using my feelings. Not using the right formulas. hahhaa~ Because I think the questions is a bit difficult. hehe *But when I calculated it using the right formulas, I could find the answer. So . . it seems like a blessing for me. I hope my choice was right.

Friends, several days ago I start to watch a movie again after a months I break these routine.
I'd like to watch Japanese movies, because the I like Japan! (not all of Japan, but mostly -YES)
And the one of movies which I recommended is Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de.
Like what I told you before, I like to watch a detective, horror, thriller and mystery movies.
It just like a . . . . another side of my activity besides school and go to course.
And these are several pictures which I took yesterday :

See? Why I like to watch this movie was because of the movie's opening is like a comic.
And the lead actor and actress was cute to play as their characters.

This scenes where Hosho Reiko was listening Kageyama's resolution about how does the crime could happen and who's the doer exactly. I like these scene because Kagayama always say that he will reveal the real doer after the dinner times offer.

These 2 pictures up is the re-construction when Kageyama was trying to reveal the criminal *using comic too, that why I like to watch Japanese movies and dramas.

And the last one is the preview of the last episodes on this serial drama.
try to watch it? just click here

Okay, I knew that the Try Out was offer, but I can't stop studying anything around me.
I should upgrade my memorize brains too. hehehe~
SO, the point is I recommended this drama to you guys, so don't forget to watch it to filled up your break time. byeeee  . . . . 

Hari ini waktu gua lagi di tempat les, dan sesuai dugaan gua bahwa pelajaran yang akan dibahas hari ini adalah BIP (sejenis bimbingan konseling gitu) sama Biologi. Aduh . . . .~ Ini dia! Gua butuh sedikit relaksasi setelah seharian didampingi oleh soal-soal yang dengan seketika membuat kepala kalian pusing, mendadak mual dan kejang-kejang (?) SERIUS! memang soalnya 'sedikit' susah *soalnya gua masih bisa jawab cuy!? jadi kata sedikit disitu mengungakpan bagian gelap dari sisi jawaban yang gua pilih.

And in the evening (when the course time still running), the concealing was talk about L-O-V-E.
And most of my friends hoped that I got the question about love, but I don't!
hahhaha - I'm safe. They're really wanted to know about my love story. Because I haven't tell them about my love story except my best friend, Kristal.

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Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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