July 03, 2011

ugen = utha gendut

waaa . . . .
Nothing to do today~
Just staying at home, keep increasing my weight, and still in front of the laptop.
Aaaaah  . . . . I really hate my self now!!!
I'm angry with you my mouth and my Hypothalamus. They took over my mind to keep eat and eat. Please.  . . let me be my old me. PLEASE. . . .

2 days ago, I spent my day by drawing a picture in my sketch book.
I think it's bad drawing. But I like the luggage enough.
My inspiration is go to abroad for study or just spend my holiday.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . .I needs exercise for these HOLIDAY = HOLLY DAY!!!!!
Please Allah SWT, make me look like in the past. Please . . .. . let me be my old me.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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