May 16, 2011

full of Pictures

at first, I don't want to do anything at home with my 1st day of Holiday which means a sadness for me. I just want to weed out any clothes in my wardrobe at first, but not long afterwards I want to tidy up anything. Ah! it's quite ridiculous at first, but I'm enjoyin' it.

I touched my mother's wardrobe first.
as her child, I never know that my mother is so modest in her era.
she had lot of cute things (Go Vintage!) in her wardrobe. I found jackets, blazers, pants, and now it's Bags! haha. I found  my old clothes too (when I'm still a kids).

The First Evidence is things that I found on my mother's old bag
Hansaplast : it's like plaster, Alba watch, some formula, and salary slip. hehe
Oh ya! I'm find a candies too. But it was turn to be liquid.

It's Alba watch which I found inside the bag
Can you imagine that how long this watch live in my mother's bag?

It's my favorite bags now. . .
I like Vintage and I like this bag! wooow . .
(I found all of the items which I said on the top, like salary slip, formula, etc. inside this bag)

Here the details of the bag button
Looks classic, isn't it ?

It's my mother's old clothes
It's look nice I thought
And the top from this clothes is fits with my body. waaa. . .,it's a prizes for me

It's the buttons and skirts detail

And it's my favorite pajamas when I'm still a kids
My Brother and I has a same pajamas, clothes, shoes, and a lot of the same things
I like the fabrics too. The patterns is so Wonderful, Gorgeous, and Memorable

And here our picture which wore same pajamas. hahhaa, It's funny. but I like it in that time. It's our sweet memories that I never ever forget about it

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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