May 04, 2011

Botanical Garden

Today I spent my day at Bogor Botanical Garden to did an oral test.
* I don't know neither why should we did an oral test in a garden.. hehe
But I'm enjoying it. I hope that I got an A score for the result, but NOT!
But I got both of the score is 90. I don't know why the score included 2 points.
Certainly, one of it is pronunciation. Thanks ALLAH SWT, because of You I could get the best score
*not bragging

Oh ya!
When I'm arrived there and start to began searching some information, I took some picture and here's my snap shoot :

This place is near from the Main Gate of Bogor Botanical Garden - a bit scary but it's nice

This is the way to the Dedaunan cafe and the residence areas.

It's 'Jalan Astrid' as known as Astrid Avenue
[Astrid, OH NO! it's same with my name]
One of my friends [called her Femi], asked me to took the picture of it. ehehe - Thank you Femi

 I like this flowers. looked wonderful.

 It's Pig Canary trees. . .
There's a beehive in the top of this tree

The heart shape stone
I found it in the way to the oral test

The oral test probably took an hours.
But, because the teacher is restricted, so every teachers took 2-3 classes for the oral test.
The teacher who test me, he took 2 classes in his hand -> XI Science 1 and XI Science 4.
Aaaah, it's really tired to wait approximate 1 hours before my class began to tested.
*It cause, my class is the second one who tested

In my way to home, I'm forgot who said this one first 'Hei, let's go to the zoology museum!'
I said 'Aaaah, it's noon and the weather became hot. But, it's okay.'
Rizki said 'Okay then, let's go. Moreover, I'm not doing anything at home.'
All of us 'Okay. . . '
Then, I took some picture from The Zoology Museum and here's the result :

Some butterfly collections that I took the pictures

This turtle is my favorite since I'm in kindergarten
I like this turtle because of the size - the smallest size in this museum
It looked pretty, right? hehe

It's the owls part
Like Hedwig on Harry Potter. hehe

It's the Bears time!

And now, it's my turn. haha
I like the scenery from this collection. Love it - it's my favorite place to took a picture

And I like this scenery of sea too. Love it
It looked Real. . .!

And that's all for today.
Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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