August 25, 2012


Hello Everyone . . .
It's more than 5days I didn't post anything here in my Blog.
There were reasons which I couldn't post anything here, the one of those is . . . . because I spent my day mostly at home with doing nothing. That's why I didn't post anything except movie or drama *sometimes. Also, I don't have any topic to be talked. I'm so sorry, all. So, I'll pay it today on my posting!!! yeaaah~

Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin - من العائدين و الفائزين 
I knew that every human have done lot of mistakes in their past life. That's why, let's apologizing each other in these sweet moments which we never knew that we will be met again with Eid next year. My family and I saying : 
" Happy Eid 1433 H, On behalf of the family's name, we're really apologize for all of mistakes that we had been done in the past, an intentional mistakes or not. "

For this month . . . I don't have too much happy experiences in my last day before I went to University's life in the next month, September. I hope, fully hoped that I'll have lot of friends there and no one try to hurt me, especially my pride. Jiahaha~

Perhaps, I'll remember the past event which happened to me in the previous day.
Because I'll narrow it down soon. Yahooooo!!!
In the earlier August, I spent my day by . . . doing nothing. Hek.hek. I didn't get any penny in back previous day. The reason is only one, that's I didn't go anywhere except stayed at home all day long and connected with my friend using any social medias. And in the middle of August, I pulled myself to went outside to find any fresh ideas. Then finally, Febby and Femi arranged a meeting between us. You know what we're doing to do next?! We exchanged soft copy of Running Man! I don't know that we had a same common in watching a variety shows.

Then, after we exchanged Running Man, Febby and I met in the next day because she wanted to copy the latest Running Man from my laptop. That's why she came to my house for the first time *after we're be friends since we're in Elementary school. From her laptop, I got :

Hyouka. Hyouka is awesome!!!!!! I like Houtaro the most! He just handsome in every single sides when we look at him. I wonder if in a real life, there was a man looking like Houtaro. Maybe, I'll like him and try to know more about him. Hahhaa. I don't know the genre of this anime, but most of it is mystery. You must watch it! Even though it was a mystery anime, but it doesn't scary at all.

As one! Finally, it was subbed by any subber *that's the way I called the person who translate the movie and drama. I like these movie. The reason is only one, because I like table tennis and also Bae Doo Na~  I like the way she acted. Watch it from here and want to know more about the movie, click here.

Hari ini (malem ini sih tepatnya), tetangga sebelah rumah gua dateng sama keponakkan laki-lakinya. Emang mau lebaranan sih niatnya. Subhanallah. . .lama banget. Kaya orang dateng mau ngelamar. Ya Allah. . . Mereka dateng dari jam 7.30pm sampai 9pm. Lama kan?! Keponakkannya ngobrol sama Bapak gua, Tantenya ngobrol sama Ibu gua, gua?! ngenet mode on. hehehe. Udah gitu, terasa udah akrab banget lagi keponakkan laki-lakinya sama Ayah-Ibu gua *easy going kali ya orangnya. Hmmm . . .gitudeh.


Ya . . . couple days ago, I went to Ichiban Sushi 「 いちばん すし。」 with Novi, Indri, and Novi's little sister. There, mostly Novi and Indri which had a talk, I think, I'm the only one who hear and keep focus with their topics about. Hehehehe, sorry Novi and Indri. I ate :

True Colour Roll for IDR 35.200 -tax included

Yesterday, I went Botani Square Bogor with my mom and aunt.
I decided to visiting amadeus cafe to buy some dessert. Amadeus cafe, the place is nice and I like their interior light. The colour is . . .*I don't know how to describe it. hehehe. Want to see their gorgeous desserts?! Here :

sorry I'm edit it in the middle of night, so the result doesn't come out well. hehe

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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