May 24, 2012

. . . with bunch of worries

Hello !
Long time no see~
Okay, firstly I would like to tell you about my title today.
Actually, the title has a long words before "with bunch of worries". The complete title might sounds like : "a light thing called happy with bunch of worries". What a long title that I made for this post only?! Hehehe

The title that I made, have a lot of relatives with the thing that I want to share to you today. Prepare yourself for hearing my story. And my story begins now :

Tomorrow is the day of my graduation day.
But, there's something sticked inside my heart also my brain. It was the score of my National Exams and School Final Exams. What I mean is . . . My score hasn't come out yet, but the graduation ceremony would be held tomorrow?! Does it make a sense? Its scare my heart and brain a lot. I hope that my score for both National Exams and School Final Exams doesn't really bad to go through to University that I want to go. Amin . . .

And . . . the light thing called happy is Korean and Japan Drama or Movie and also The Korean Variety Show! Yeaaaah~ They're the only source of my laughter now on.
As you already know, the most favorite variety show is Running Man!
Man! It was really 'laughable' shows besides Happy Togerther, Oh My! School, and Invincible Youth season 2. The latest episode of Running Man that I watched is episode 95. You want to know why this episode is really worth to be watched? Here~

FYI (for your information) : It was Jong Kook. At this episode, all of the Running Man members acted as secret agent. And on this episode, he acted as a workers at florist. The next episode, Korean Football Player - Park Ji Sung would play with them all day long. And I think it would be great! I need to be more patient about it. Hehe

It was my first picture which I drew in this month.
Bad drawing, ya!?

Did you realize if it was a giant pancake?
Yeah . . .,I drew it because I thought that I has been lose my drawing skills lately. Why? I don't know either why I lose my skills suddenly. I need to get it back after the written test of SNMPTN done.

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Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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