April 20, 2012

picture - picture

Okay, today is the last day I'm come to school.
After today, I will spend my day by study a week full (except Sunday) at courses with my friends which started from 8.30am and over about 1.30pm. Such a long time to study about the materials which will tested in SNMPTN written test.

And today, in the morning, I has return all of books that I borrowed from school. Because I think 'faster is better'. Jadi ya . . . gua balikin sekarang aja ke sekolah. Hehehe. Pagi ini juga di sekolah gua cuma duduk-duduk si perpustakaan sambil baca buku yang ditulis pake bahasa Inggris (belum di terjemahin gitu). Which I done is . . taking a pictures inside the books. The pictures is great ! I love it. That's why I want to share it to you :

Love it anyway~

Flood here, flood there, it was a flood disaster which happened in . . . *i'm forget

And I will write a short description about it :
In Persia and India the Mongol rulers became known as Moghuls. A Moghuls monument of surpassing beauty is The Taj Mahal on Jumna River in Agra. Its gleaming white marble walls are inlaid with precious and semipercious stones.

Actually, between 2 pictures that I took, there was no relation inside.
I just want to fill the big space left so, I just stick it there.


Just in my dream~


When the times come to me so that I'm possible to draw well?! Hahaha -ngarep

LOOK! The medals is just looked expensive in the past time.

Nah! This watch is some kind of watches that I really wanted to have but I couldn't. Hehe

Reminds me to My Mom who loves to sewing and knitting in her young age.

2 pictures above is really cool!
I love it and I wish that I could have a silhouette like that which I would put it on my room.
Reminds me to the King and Queen of Dutch. COOOOOL ~

Hehehe . .
I don't know that I took of pictures as many as those. I didn't even realize it.
I just take a picture that I think it was unique and lovable. Haha -includes a scent of vintage too. Oh ya! those picture that I took it in the morning when I was at school came from 3 different books titled : The Oxford Companion to the Decorative Arts ; Civilizations of The Past : Peoples and Cultures ; and the last one is People on Earth.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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