August 21, 2013

SPEC *final movies*

After watching the last movie of SPEC and the ending still has a mystery. because the ending still make a big question mark. that's why I keep browsing the information and I find their official website :

to visit the website, click here.

finally! *kyaaaaaaa~
entah gimana jadi suka banget sama film ini. awalnya sih, karena film ini hampir tidak mengandung unsur romantis sama sekali dan ada 'darah-darah'-nya gitu. heee. and also because of the lead actress which played on this film, Erika Toda and Ryo Kase. what a perfect couple for this film! (ever) I hope their last movies which will be aired on November 1st (SPEC: Close~Progress Version) and November 29th (SPEC: Close~ Crisscross Version) this year also have a great ending! try to watch the trailer? click here.

you must watch this film and before watch this movie, you need to watch the drama.
so that, you'll understand the threads of the story.
*here, to watch the drama and (1) (2) its sequels.
I give  for its drama and the sequels.

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ps: I've been put the movies link right on the title of each episodes, so feel free to watch it there and enjoy!

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