March 16, 2013


" I think I need to know about myself and everything surrounded me.
I think I need to be more patient like before.
I think I need to change my new behavior.
I think I need to be concerned about other people's life.
I think I need to be more concern about the subjects which I got today. yesterday. and onwards.
I think I need to get closed to my family members.
I think I need to study.
I think I need to . . . "

There were so many I think I need . . which really I need to do in this short life which sometimes will be destroyed by ALLAH SWT. Just I don't know, when the time comes to mylife. I think I need to . . .sleep now. I need to wake up at 5am ,because for this Saturday only I got an extra lesson for constructions class -happy! 

I bought 2pcs of English Classical Books. Because I have no idea what should I buy as a 'souvenir' in Tuesday [03/12]. So, I choose Alice's Adventure and Sherlock Holmes, IDR 40.000 per books. I bought it at TIMES bookstore inside Bandung Indah Plaza. I love a place which filled with books.

# Now Playing: Jung Eunji ft. Seo In Gook-우리 사랑 이대로 Love Story Part 2(Ost. Answer Me 1997)

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