January 29, 2012

My whole week

Bahasa Indonesia - English - Bahasa Indonesia - English - Bahasa Indonesia - English ?!
I think I would like to wrote my daily activities for a weeks here using Bahasa Indonesia and bit of English, ya~ I hope that you would understand what I mean. I hope so. Just pray for it. Hahaha

For this week and last week, I felt like my body wasn't mine.
My body was being controlled by something that we call D-E-S-I-R-E, P-A-S-S-I-O-N, and F-A-T-E.
Started from Monday and ended with Sunday, my day is only fulfilled with study, stUDY, and STUDY. No playing, no blogging, no browsing (except for my presentation's material), no eating at the restaurant, no taking photo, no smiling, no sleeping, and no feeding my stomach (IMPOSSIBLE -?!). I lost my appetite for touching/browsing/playing game more than 2 hours. More than 2 hours, it means that I got my own penalty (I made it by myself).

To showing what I feel at that time, I drew something inside my sketch book :

It was my first drawing.
It meant that for several days ago, I got a problem with myself till I couldn't stand it anymore and made me little worry, stress and thinking too much about how to solve the problems. Sometimes, I hate to shared it to my friends, but sometimes I need to shared it with them. But, for this thing, I think I couldn't share it to some friends that I thought they were a bit talked too much in a public area. Hmmm~

I didn't know how to explain my feeling at that time.
So, I wrote it on my sketch book too, but I didn't draw anything with it.
The reason why I didn't put any decorations there because my mood was not good to drawing and blogging and one more (!) studying. Hmmm~ I need back my holiday. Now, I need a rest time which called HOLIDAY and I need it now!!!

My Sunday is a day which I loved more than another day in a week.
Sunday meant is time to rest, to sleep all day long, to be lazy, to play any games that I had, to draw more than usual, to eat lots of dessert, to do something that I like, to help my mom out, and to study (finally, I said it). Okay, perhaps you wanted to know about the weather in Indonesia, this months included to the rain season and rain season is the weather that I like most than dry season. RAIN Season = SLEEP Tight. Hahaha

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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