December 23, 2011

Thank GOD it's Friday

Okay, the song titled T.G.I Friday sang by Ran band which came from Indonesia was totally fit as the back sound of my day. Hhaha . . it comes suddenly when I thought about my day. I loves Friday no matter what! *excessive. Okay, I really realized that my English has getting worst back then. I really needs to make my English better than today. How is it? I think I should fulfilled my school holiday and new year eve holiday by learning about English once more with my auntie.

I think it everyday and every minutes that I have passed through about my true feelings and my problems which I should faced. And also I should make a birthday present for my friend (we're close, but not as close as my elementary school's friend with me). This ideas came immediately after I done by day dreaming inside my room. When I did day dreaming inside my room, I could possible dreaming about everything and about anything. Then, before it, I would like to turn the lights off for a while and my imagination starts to did it. hahaha

Today, I didn't do anything much to fill my day.
I only make the birthday present for my friend and . . what kind of outfit which I will wear to her house. And. . . how much money that I have spent for this things and also .  .  . I money has flew away from my wallet since Monday. It caused by one thing : SCHOOL.

And I drew something in the morning. Here's the picture :

# Now Playing : Last Fantasy - IU

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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