June 24, 2011

3rd day : Field Trip to Yogyakarta

Hurray!It's my last day in Yogyakarta. Hah~ Finally I should went back to Bogor.
Before I went to our last destinations for this day, I got breakfast from the hotel that we're stayed. After I took my breakfast, I take a rest first, then I took a picture beside my hotel room.

The weather and the sun in the morning is really cold, but I like it

I like this small garden in front of my hotel room.
I like it because there's an aquarium inside this small garden. And the fish is . . .really enjoyable to see. at first, I really wants to took a picture of the fish, but when I get closely to them, the fish is swim away from me.

In the night, my friends (most of them is Boys) swam in this pool with the coldest water indeed.
They did it first when we're hold an event in a villa.

Before I leaved the hotel, I bought a chocolate first at CK [Circle K]. The Brand is MONGGO. The Prices is IDR 17.000. Actually I wanted to buy a big one of that chocolate [big chocolate bar], but my money [!?] I wouldn't let you went a way from me suddenly. Because the prices is IDR 40.000 [approximately]

The taste is really NICE. . make you wanna it, wanna it, and wanna eat it again!

My first destinations for our last day in Yogyakarta is Keraton.
Keraton is a place that Sultan (King of Yogyakarta) Govern or a place that Sultan lived in.
The Place is really nice, clean, and neat.
A person who serve their life to Keraton is called Abdi Dalem.
I took a picture together with them too. Here they are . . 

I thought it's about Keraton Yogyakarta's building
From Merapi Mountain, to Alun-Alun Yogyakarta, to Twin Trees, to Keraton, and the last is Parangtritis Coast. I thought it's continuous. mmm  . . .That's right!

I like this part of Keraton.
It looks gorgeous! Beautiful! Wonderful! and I don't know how to describe this picture.
You must see with your own eyes. It's a nice spot there.

My second destinations is Prambanan Temple.
Prambanan Temple is a Hindu Temple. This temple built in 850 CE by Rakai Pikatan.

It does what Prambanan Temple looked like
The weather in the time when I visited this temple is so hot~
I wanna drink a lot of waters that time, but none share they water with me. haaha

And my last destination for today is Malioboro st.
It's like market. If you're a shopaholic, you should try to buy any clothes here. Because the prices is affordable then if the price is expensive, you could ask the seller to down the prices a bit. hhehe. What does the Malioboro st. look like in the night? Here. . .

Fulfilled with persons = shopaholics
Maybe I'm including the one of the shopaholics there.
You know? My teacher gave us only 1 hour to buy any souvenirs there, but the distance between the parking area and malioboro st. it's really long. You need 20minuets to reached the Malioboro st. from the parking area. Then, I'm only bought a souvenir for my family

See? A lot of books sold here, friends . . .!
And the most tempting thing is. . .Discount! Yeah! The discount started from 20% up to 70% off.
Aaah! I'm really wants to buy some books here. But, the times is not appropriate to me.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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