April 23, 2015


while talking over the phone, my dad still believing that I already got a boyfriend.
even though I'm trying to explain everything to him, he would say :
"it's okay if you already got one."


kenapa para bapak terkadang tidak percaya bahwa anaknya belum ada yang memiliki. dan malah mulai memberikan berbagai wejangan untuk kehidupan berkeluarga anaknya di masa depan.
padahal, gue pun belum kepikiran ke arah 'sana'. kenapaaaa?

when I tried to change the topic that we're talking about, he always pretending like 'I was not there' and keep talking. and make me realized, that's how your parents care so much about your life. they don't want you to make the same mistakes that they've done, in their old's time.

#guemulaigalaudikamar #nugas

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