December 12, 2014

here's the great news!

I never imagine it before.
I'm not bragging about this news, but I think it just something 'worth' to be shared.
because it is the first time that I ever received something like this (too).
not only me, but also some of friends that I know is got this great news.
lot of 'thanks' is given for Allah SWT and my family (-es).
and here's the something-great news that I mentioned before :

" I got a scholarship from the government! "

I got this news through my friend.
he's like an administrator staff among the 2012's generations.
and thanks to my-another-friend too *she reached me through mail
here's the proof :

some photos and names were erased or covered due to the person's privacy.
it was like dream with opened eyes.
my illness like disappear when I heard about this things.
mesti semangat juga buat membereskan semua tugas yang memang numpuk banget, termasuk revisi perancangan : mulai dari denah layout - tampak potongan - ceiling & flooring & titik lampu #mamam

have a nice days!
let's not catch a cold or other illnesses yeaaa, fellas~


  1. wooaah.. congrats thaa.. sorry telat banget, hha...

  2. never mind, ndri~~
    makasih, looh :)