October 27, 2014

my friends said . . .

okay, today's post is about what my friends think about me.
I lived with 3 friends inside the boarding house for a year, and I had lot of friends in campus too *because I make a friend with everyone. here's their comments : "I'm a person that . . ."

  • need to be leaded
  • easily get blank
  • could sleep in every conditions, and everywhere
  • could eat any kind of foods
  • detailed in every works that I've done
  • drew when I get bored
  • could wake up in the middle of the night
  • had a moody emotions (sometimes)
  • communicated using a piece of paper when I'm too lazy to talk to anyone
  • like a dead person when I was sleeping
  • loved to use bicycle to campus and they said that the bicycle was 'my another friend'

heee . . .
it just for fun, loh~
because the night is getting darker and makes my eyes feel sleepy *padahal belum ngerjain mebel dan perancangan buat besok. muehehehe. tidur bentar bisa kali~~
*sleep for a while before starts to do the assignment*


thanks to dhita, I'm totally awake now
( 10:00 pm )

#np: Maps - Maroon 5 (Alex Goot cover)

have a nice Monday!

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