January 01, 2014

new year eve 2014

the fireworks which taken from the boarding's house rooftop.
It's my first time seeing it in Bandung with my parents *lively

watched the fireworks burst out together with the clear sky, it's a rare experience. we didn't even need to set off the fireworks. so, we were not wasting out moneeeey~~ hehehe. we just need to watch it continuously. but still I was stuck with bunch of assignment -> interior planning 1, computer designs, psychology's perceptions, and  apartment mock-up.

but, somehow I feel pitied to the sky.
because everyone in the same time set the fireworks off togetherness within 2-5 minutes. if you're not even realize it, it caused a mass air pollution. bisakah tahun baru tanpa kembang api? #impossible

oh ya, I haven't greet you properly.
hiii . . .it's my first posting for 'the year' -(read: 2014).
okay, I hope all of you have narrowed down your resolutions for this year and hope it'll be came true someday! -amen.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog~


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