August 16, 2012

The Cat Returns - 猫の恩返し。

Uaaah, finally I watched this movie!
I got the copy file's from my closest friend after received lot of Running Man series. hahaaha.
I thought, The Cat Returns movie was the sequel movie from the previous one -The Whisper of the Heart. But, It wasn't. There were big differences between The Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns. Also the only thing who made it looks similar is Baron. Baron the cat. aaaaa, I'm tricked.

The Cat Returns.
As your references (perhaps), I would give a try to share some synopsis.
The story is about Haru a high school girl who has an ability to talk with cats since her childhood. One day, she saved a black cat which is Lune, a prince of the cat kingdom. And as the gift after saving Lune, his father give Haru a catnip and mice, also she is offered the prince's hand in marriage. And . . . watch it by yourself for the rests.

Here's Baron. The main icon from the movie besides Haru.
Entah kenapa, gua jadi pengen punya patung si Baron itu. Sepertinya akan terlihat antik.

The only reason that I had before taking the picture above, is caused the map looks weird and increasing my curiosity. See? The picture is just 'woooow' -for me. hehehe. Because I like something smelled history and adventure. Studio Ghibli is the awesome cartoon maker!!

To know more about the movie, click here and to watch or download the movie, click there.

Enjoy the movie! Have a nice day.
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