April 30, 2012

watch movie - drama

Waaaah . . ~
As you already knew that Super Junior held a concert in Indonesia since Friday - April 27th, 2012 at Jakarta (The Capital City of Indonesia). Even I realized that it was like a blassing from Allah SWT for me (us) as the 3rd Grade of High School Students in Indonesia. Because we have been done a National Exams newly and we need refreshing things and then Super Junior come and foala! It just happened like it was predicted before. I really missed it. I missed a thing which called TICKET = to watch Super Junior Concert ; HOLIDAY = because I'm spending my day everyday by go to the extra lessons outside school ; MONEY = I really need it right away because I need to saving my money more at the bank and didn't watse it as fast as I'm buy something and . . . . enough.

Since yesterday and last week, I watched a movie - drama in Japanese or Korean.
But nowadays I'm more attracted by Japanese drama and movie. Don't ask my why, because I don't know either. Those were a movie - drama that I have watched during the holidays :

Okay, I just recommend it on my short way because I'm not a person which have good explanations in English. So, the movie talked about a childhood promises which changed into habitual till they sit in the Senior High School's chair. And their promises would be broke if someone have revealed it. And . . . just watch the movie then~ I think for any persons who didn't like a romance movie too much, this movie is better to watched. I gave for this movie. To know more about this movie, click here and if you feel to watch it, just click here.

Hmmm . . .~ shortly, Shokojo Seira talked about a girl who firstly lived in a luxurious life and suddenly turned into a maid (then work at her own school) because she must pay the money that her father promised to the school's head master. I gave for this movie. And for you, if you wished to know more about it, you may click here and to watch it, just click right here.

And now, I'm watching Legal High. I don't have any reason why I love detective, action, comedy, horror and friendship. I just like it because there's slight of romance scenes. I like to watch this movie firstly because I love Aragaki Yui. I saw her on Code Blue and Code Blue 2, her acting was good. And it was the first time I knew Yamapi too. Hehe. Because it was a new drama which it means that its still on going, so if you curious about this drama, click here and to watch it, click there. Even though this drama is still airing, but I gave for the drama~ COOOOOOOOOOL

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