July 12, 2011

Echoes of the Rainbow - 歲月神偷

Today .  . .I watch this drama in the morning on Red Screen [channel 21] using Indovision. haha
I watch it after my mother went to the office at 7.30am.
Firstly, I'm only switching any channels there to find any good movies or dramas, but when my remote control stopped in this channel, my eyes stunned by a handsome guy in the TV.
"Uaaaah . . . ." it's my first impression
Because he's really a handsome guy! ahaha
The Movie is Echoes of the Rainbow a.k.a 歲月神偷

It's the cover of the movie
Love this movie so much. I think the genre of this movie is . . .a sad movie.
The conflict is complicated, and I like it [the plot]

How the way he's smiling? When I saw his smile, I'm started to melting in that time
I love him! He's a new comer in China's Movie Industries. And this movie is his first movie.
His name is .  .  .Aarif Lee (Sunda pisan ya?). Melting kan, waktu ngeliat dia?!
My opinion is he's like a Takashi Kashiwabara China's version. Just one word : HANDSOME!

The Cast :
  • Simon Yam as Mr. Law
  • Sandra Ng as Mrs. Law
  • Aarif Lee as Desmond Law
  • Buzz Chung as Desmond's little brother
  • Evelyn Choi as Flora
  • Paul Chun as Big Uncle/barber
  • Jean-Michel Sourd as French teacher
  • Lawrence Ah Mon as Goldfish Seller
Synopsis :
(Sorry that I didn't watch it from the beginning, but I watched it when the movie in a half way)
I watched it when . . . .
Desmond asked Flora in the burial grounds, what kind of gravestones that he'll have when he was die. And flora said I haven't thought that far. He passed the day casually. Then when the dinner time come and his father saw the report book, he said you think I don't know what does it mean? even though I couldn't read it, I saw 2 scores with red colors. And start from that incident Desmond's family passed they day with the mess and . . . .LET'S WATCH IT, Friends! [I'm not good in description movies]
I gave for this movie, so . . watch it friends!
Because I recommended to you~
ENJOY The Movie . . !!

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