May 15, 2011

รถไฟฟ้า..มาหานะเธอ - Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Yesterday at 7pm [if I'm not wrong about the time] I'm searching about Thailand movies and  found one of it which I think it'll be the nice romance film. And after watched it, that's TRUE! it's really nice-great and gorgeous.
No kissing scene on the movies, but the theme of this movie : Romance, is fitted [actually it better called Romance-Comedy movie]. Love it! And I really wants to watch it again, because it's not a boring movies like another movies ever before.

Can you see how handsome the actor here?
Uaaah, he's make me melting when I watch it. His smile . .,his voice, and all the things about him
LOVE it!

The Title : Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

The Cast :
Synopsis :
It's about Mei Li, 30 years old who still not have a life partner not like another her friends.
One day, she drunk and almost crashed the small food stand on the roadside. In that accident , she meets a boy, Loong who works in Bangkok Transit System as an employee. Then she fallen in love with him at the first sight, and . . .

*You must watch it then.
  Because I'm not a good reporter here. hehe
  Sorry readers.  .  .

I like it really, after Crazy Little thing called Love.
This movie is a bit touching and I like it.
You must watch it, because I recommended
The reason why I'm not putting to much Synopsis here because I'm not a spoiler.
I want you to make your own decision to make the Synopsis. haha
That's why you must watch it first. 

Have a nice day!
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