January 26, 2011

Dream High

uaaah, today is the climax of the week [even we haven't meet the Sunday]
today is the better day I ever had since I got sick in a week [but still went to school]. because my eyes, my body, my headache disappear immediately [step-by-step]. 
waaa, Thank You Allah
My body is better now.

oh ya!
In the way to school, I dreamed about : Is it possible to meet him today? *don't know which one the man will I met today. and. . . it happened! I met him ! [not at all. just saw his face, smile, and new hair style] when I wanted to 'Sholat Dzuhur' in the School Mosque. and I met another man [how lucky am I today?!] when I finished take a pray and he was take a 'wudhu' [actually I don't know that he's in there today]. He came out from behind wall and fixed his hair and. . .he's too COOL for me. he made me melting when I saw him. aaaaa. . .
and he stopped his step when he knows that I'm there, in front of him
waaaaaaa. . . many flowers gain there when he stopped his step.
wants to hold his hand [the effect from too much dreaming the noon]

Nowadays [exactly yesterday] I've watched Dream High
it's a new drama from KBS2 which airing in Monday and Tuesday, and it's the one of drama that I'm waiting for this year.

enjoy this drama
those picture above belongs to google.com

because there's IU and Taecyeon 2PM. weeew~
I thought it will be the drama for the opening year 2011.
I recommended this drama for you guys.

Have a nice day
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