March 09, 2016

semester akhir

no  class  to  be  attended
as senior- 4th year student in the campus, we have no class to be attended besides consulting with the lecturer on the chosen day. so what are we doing everyday when not attending the consulting session is . . sleep or watch a movie.

no  food
even to stock the food for my living, is a hard task to do. cause I'm too lazy to move my body when my butt had met the floor and bed *BOOM*

no  friends
doesn't mean that I had no friends in campus. the closest friends is even not in the campus or in my day cause we're too busy to meet just three of us. terlalu sibuk buat ketemu. we keep in touch by texting everyday -mostly in the night.

no  internet  connections
well, the internet connection is the most 'wanted' things for us as the senior 'citizen' in campus.
we need to make done our paper as fast as we can, so that we can tell our lecturer about our progress. on my boarding house, the internet connection is off due to the broken internet wire and in the campus main library, the internet connection is too poor to be connected, so I choose to came to campus to use the internet connection. and as the result, the campus internet connections is never lying.

bhay *
( bye- read )

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