December 31, 2015

farewell 2015

goodnight, fellas!
*it's not greeting to ends this conversation when we even haven't talked yet*

first of all,

Happy New Year 2016

let's start 2016 with joy and happy moments in our life.
start to plan anything from the zero and wished to be something the best.

cause I haven't post anything so far on this blog, so, to steamed up the story, I'll write what have been done on 2015 *mostly like 'to-do (review) list achievement (?)' 

A Year where my bank account is blocked
(I know, mostly it was my fault, so. . .I don't blame the bank)

A Year where I almost lost my phone
(The N-Series phone is the best phone I ever had since high-school time)

A Year where I got hit by motorbike
(even though it was an automatic one, but still, it hurts so much. fortunately, after got hit, my body feels lighter and refreshing -like a shock body massage)

A Year where I got strict lecturer on the main subjects *twice! on my third year and on my fourth year
(how am I suppose to do. cause as student, we can't choose the class and with whom we're going to be taught)

A Year where I was doing my internship program at architecture consultant
(nervous.happy.excited.thanks for every single moment that they gave me)

A Year where TKMDII XII is my last contributions as crew/committee/etc.
(try to focus on my final project. Bismillah)

A Year where I felt the hectic-ness everyday on every subjects that I took in the 2015
(what a not-so-good-year's end-to-be)

A Year where I got my paper 'ACCEPTED'
(beside as designer, we taught to be a researcher. the topic that we choose is also have connection with our 'area' which's interior design. and Thank Allah that my paper is accepted with those 8 researcher out of 40 students)

A Year where I got closer to my cousins
(even though I am not able to participate the holidays together with them, it just feel awesome to be able had a chat with them)

A Year where I spent almost 1 million rupiahs only for printing the final project on each semester
(no comment)

A Year where I bought my new-touch-screen-cell phone
(just happy for being one of them on social network. at least, I'll receiving the most-updated news from peoples around me)

A Year where I was able to meet up with those girls on every Friday's night
(Friday's night is the time where we used to meet up regularly after our office time's out. usually we meet up at Grand Indonesia Jakarta -cause the place is reachable from both of them and me- and . . .also we regularly met at the djournal coffee. missed it so bad)

A Year where I was able to be the one of the train's fighter in every morning on my internship days
(loves the train. the working people. the different story everyday)

A Year where I was able to reach home by night
(the reason is. . .cause I met those girls before I go home. HAHA)

Tahun dimana kalau ketemu sama anak-anak kampus, pasti nanya : "seminar ngambil topik apa?" atau "ngambil proyek buat TA apa?" atau "udah dapet denah buat seminar/ TA?" atau "dosen pembimbing TA siapa?" atau "Kelengkapan TA udah semua?" atau "BAB 1 kelar?"

Tahun dimana saya lebih giat melatih tangan buat gambar manual
(drawing tool kits : drawing pen. brush pen. brush pen)

Tahun dimana saya bikin lampu 'lagi' untuk memenuhi syarat UAS
(well, project ini bikin ayah garuk-garuk kepala. hehe. makasih ayaaaah)

Tahun dimana 'liburan rasa kuliah'
(you know what I mean laaa)

Tahun dimana saya 'gagal' liburan. BHAY.
(karena ada kendala di urusan kampus, jadi. . .saya coba untuk meng-ikhlas-kan liburan bareng saudara-saudara sepupu ke Yogyakarta akhir tahun 2015. END. they shared. they laughed. they spent the days more than me)

Tahun dimana kamar kost-an mulai sedikit rapih
(Alhamdulillah, karena sering kesel sendiri, jadi. . .marah-nya bisa disalurin ke beres-beres kamar)

Tahun dimana ngga kenal sama anak kost-an baru
(gilssss. banyak anak kost-an baru terutama mereka-mereka yang satu lantai dengan gue. mayoritas sih, para 'juju' -sebutan untuk junior-junior- yang baru aja keluar dari asrama)

Tahun dimana saya sekelompok sama junior, dan saya jadi 'komandan'-nya
(ada laaah salah satu mata kuliah gitu, dosen-nya udah ngebagi kelompok berdasarkan kemampuan mahasiswa masing-masing -mulai dari yg nilainya A sampai C- dan ternyata, dikelompok itu, saya mahasiswa 2012-nya sendiri dan sisanya, 2013. dan . . .,mereka . . . , selalu pasang tampang muka yang. . . , 'jadi gimana kak?' kan gue jadi grogi. padahal, gue ngga bisa-bisa amat. tapi ajaibnya! nilai tugas kelompok tersebut, memuaskan. Alhamdulillah. . .)

Tahun dimana saya menghabiskan akhir tahun sama mereka
(chit-chats with random topics. 31 Desember 2015 at Ozaizy Coffee, Bogor. let's meet up soon, girlsss *kurang febby)

Tahun dimana saya mengakhiri liburan dan memulai tahun baru bareng Kristal (lagi). hehe
(we went to Anomali Coffee on 07/01, just to have a drink and talk and. . .to 'ends' our meeting's session, also before we start our campus life with those final project research. Bismillah)

*  *  *

banyak banget hal-hal yang udah terjadi di 2015 yang sering bikin kita mikir dan mikir dan mikir lagi. we're forced for being mature, not just as adult in the title.
jadi, selamat mengakhiri tahun dengan do'a dan harapan untuk tahun 2016.

.Auf Wiedersehen.


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