September 06, 2011

last holiday = laziest day

Last day of holiday's such a terrible day.
I won't let it go because I love holiday (nowadays) and I want to go somewhere (today) to spend my holiday, but just doesn't want to waste my money. Money is not everything (actually) but sometimes we needed it in one conditions, huh? So! to spend my day, I playing a games, watching a serial dramas in TV, or SLEEPING (oh come on! not sleeping again).

And today, on (Poupee Girl) I got this tickets!
woooow . . . ! I'm really happy and I haven't use it at all. hehe -someday I'll use it because there's no an expired date of it. hehe~ = JOKE

And also my schedule for today is cleaning up my room.
Cleaning my room is the happiest thing that I like because i'll possibly find something from the past in my rooms, and that's about my secrets between my friends which I could remembered till today. Or perhaps I found any diaries of mine in the boxes. You know (!?) when I was child, I wrote in my diary : MILIK UTHA CANTIK. khaanmaeeen, aib banget ini tuh! dan tau apa yang gue lakuin selanjutnya?? Langsung saya buang itu buku, terus saya bilang ke Ibu kalau jangan pungut buku itu. hahaha~ It's a small secret of me.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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